Monday, October 24, 2011

Beef Barbacoa

Oh. My. Yum.  I looooove, love, love, love this Mexican style beef barbecue!!  Through slow cooking the beef with all the earthy seasonings, these bad boys are full in flavor, and in HEAT!

I'm a big fan of the beef barbacoa at Chipotle, so I just knew I had to try making it at home.  After perusing the internet for a few weeks hours, I decided to play with the flavors that most beef barbacoa recipes tend to have.  This is my second time making it, so I made a few slight changes to my liking (or to what I had in my kitchen!!)

Trust me when I say, YOU  MUST MAKE THESE NOW!!  
Beef Barbacoa (Source)
I found most recipes required you to slow cook your beef in a cast iron pot, turning once every hour.  I took my chances and cooked it in a slow cooker like a pot roast, and ta-da!!!  I served mine on a bed of rice and black beans with fire roasted tomatoes.
Beef Barbacoa
Yuh-um!  Here's what you'll need:

Beef Barbacoa
1/3 C Apple Cider Vinegar
4 T fresh lime juice
1 small yellow onion, peeled and quartered
6 cloves garlic, peeled
3T + 1t cumin
2t oregano
1 1/2 t salt
1 t black pepper
3 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
3-4 T canola oil
3 lbs beef roast (I used chuck)
2 cups chicken broth

Happy Sunday Monday Funday!!

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