Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why 'Sunday Funday'?

Hello! I'm Jessica.  I'm so happy you found my blog!  Here you will find both healthy and full fat recipes that I either enjoy cooking on a regular basis, or brand new recipes that I've been wanting to try for years.  But first, you  may be wondering how I came up with the name "Sunday Funday."

It all started back in college with my friend Leesa.  The gal had never really cooked anything beyond the classic Mac-n-Cheese!!  The day came in our early twenties that Leesa and I were hungry for sloppy joes. Ready to start cooking, I realized she had no idea how to brown the beef.  Since then, I have enjoyed helping Leesa and a few other friends work their way around the kitchen.

Sunday Funday didn't come around until a few years ago when Leesa moved away to Florida and met a new guy.  He worked long shifts on Sundays, so Leesa and I found ourselves talking food and recipes over the phone, all while grocery shopping.  Being the sweetheart that she is, she started making a nice meal for him to come home to on Sundays.  After a few Sundays, we started calling each other in the morning with a greeting, "Happy Sunday Funday!"  We would then discuss recipes and ingredients, then cook away.  From Michigan to Florida, I've had a lot of fun helping my friend become the cook that she is today.

That's my girl!  Chocolate Chip Cookies, anyone?


  1. Best way to eat chocolate chip cookies EVER! :)

  2. I would like some cookies for breakfast but only if someones mouth has not been all over the spoon.. Just sayin....



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